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Welcome to Mycines, a fascinating destination that traces its roots back to Neolithic times. Nestled between Corinth and Argos, this historical gem graces the hillside of Euboea Mountain. Once a citadel palace boasting grand fortifications, sacred shrines, and private residences, Mycines thrived until the third century AD. In 1874, the renowned German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann made an astonishing discovery here. His quest for gold led him to unearth what he believed to be the legendary home of Agamemnon, the Greek leader in the famous Trojan War.

Prepare to be captivated by the must-see attractions of Mycines, which proudly stands as one of Greece’s premier tourist destinations. Highlights include the awe-inspiring Citadel, the magnificent Treasury of Atreus, the iconic Lion Gate, and the regal Royal Cemetery.

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