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Wine Tasting Tour

Wine Tasting Tour

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Embark on an Exquisite Wine Tasting Tour in Corfu

Indulge your senses and savor the delights of local cuisine and exquisite beverages with our specially crafted mini-bus tour. Whether you’re traveling solo, with a friend, or in a group, our tour is designed to cater to the culinary enthusiasts within you.

As you step off your cruise ship and into our beautiful island, our mini-bus awaits just a few meters away from the port’s main entrance. Our enchanting journey through Corfu begins at the renowned Theotoky Estate.

Theotoky Estate

Nestled in the heart of Corfu, within the picturesque Ropa Valley, lies Theotoky Estate. Spanning an expansive 1100 acres, this idyllic estate boasts lush olive groves, fragrant pine trees, and world-renowned vineyards that produce exceptional red and white wines. Owned by George Theotokis, the estate is also home to sheep, horses, and other farm animals, allowing them to thrive in their natural habitat.

While the gates of Theotoky Estate have only recently opened to visitors, your arrival presents the perfect opportunity to witness the intricate process of wine production and, of course, savor the distinct flavors through a delightful tasting session. If you wish to take a piece of this experience home, a small shop within the Estate offers an array of wine bottles for purchase. Additionally, you will have the chance to sample the estate’s organic extra virgin olive oil and delectable olives, renowned and exported across Europe and beyond.

Our next destination is the captivating traditional village of Sinarades.

Sinarades Village

Situated in the heart of Corfu, Sinarades Village holds a unique allure with its quaint alleyways winding between charming houses. Notable features of this historic village include the distinctive “volta” architecture of its doors, exquisite marble doorways, and the narrow staircases leading to quaint verandas known as “bontzoi.” With 12 churches and a captivating Folklore Museum, Sinarades Village is cherished by visitors seeking a glimpse beyond Corfu’s beaches and tourist hotspots. Venture just outside the village to Aerostato, perched atop a hill, and revel in breathtaking panoramic views of Corfu Island and the Ionian Sea.

But for an unrivaled vista of the island’s splendor, we have arranged for your next stop to be the enchanting village of Pelekas and the magnificent “Kaiser Throne.” Discover more about the idyllic village of Pelekas on our All-Day Tour—Pelekas Village.

Before we bid you farewell and whisk you back to the port for your return to the cruise ship, your final stop will be the captivating old town center of Corfu. To explore the most enthralling attractions within the unique Venetian-influenced streets, immerse yourself in our Half-Day Tour of the Old Corfu Town.

As you conclude this unforgettable journey, we will leave you just outside the port’s main entrance, where your remarkable tour first began. With delightful memories of delectable flavors and captivating sights, the beauty of Corfu Island will forever hold a special place in your heart.

Book your wine-tasting tour now and let us whisk you away on an extraordinary voyage of taste and exploration in Corfu!

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