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Monastiraki Athens

Monastiraki Athens

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Monastiraki is an area located north of Plaka, characterized by its bustling atmosphere akin to a vibrant bazaar. Here, hundreds of traders gather to showcase and sell their goods. The market itself is situated on Avyssinia Square and the adjacent street, slightly west of Monastiraki Square.

If you want to experience the lively Monastiraki flea market, Sunday is the ideal day to visit. To avoid the overwhelming crowds, it’s best to arrive early, as around 11 am, the area becomes packed. If you need a break, there are a few tables available at the various cafes and restaurants in the vicinity. Whether you prefer to wander aimlessly or seek guidance from a knowledgeable local, the flea market offers a wide array of items, making it a haven for shoppers with specific interests.

While the term “flea market” may evoke images of second-hand goods, much of Monastiraki’s market consists of small shops, many of which cater to tourists. These shops operate during regular hours and can be visited at any time. However, it is during weekends and especially on Sundays that the area transforms into a bustling flea market. Here, you’ll find vendors selling antiques. The market extends beyond Monastiraki, reaching into the neighboring districts of Thission and Psiri.

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