Acharavi – Old Perithia ( Palia Peritheia) – Kalami Beach

We have planned another interesting all day mini bus tour for you, to enjoy the beauty of Corfu island.

Your all day private tour will be starting from the port. You will be picked up just a few meters away from your cruise ship, unless you choose another starting point. First planned stop for this tour is the traditional village Troumpeta situated on top of a hill on the road at the north part of Corfu island. The special of this village is the magnificent view of the east and north part of Corfu.

Next stop will be Acharavi village. Acharavi is a village 37km away from Corfu town on the northwest part of Corfu, built on a flat area with an extensive sandy beach, which is one of the largest in Corfu. Along the coastal area there are many restaurants and caffes where you can taste the local food and drink some of the local wine.
Folklore Museum

At Acharavi you will be able to visit the Folklore Museum of Acharavi. Historical mementos, photographs, drawings and historical texts are exhibited with much love and care in the museum linking the past to the present time of Corfu history. These objects reflect the famous Corfiot tradition and the local civilization that has been shaped over the last three centuries.From Acharavi it is very easy to visit many picturesque villages and other abandoned ones . In this tour we have chosen for you the village Old Perithia.

Old Perithia

On the green slopes of Pantokrator, the tallest mountain of Corfu island, it is situated the abandoned village of Old Peritheia. Most scholars agree that the name of the village comes, because of its many churches,  from the phrase “About the Divine ” ( Peri=About and Theia=Divine ). Into the village you will be able to admire the numerous venetian style buildings and churches and of course enjoy a wonderful meal in one of the recent created taverns into the old buildings of the village. Old Peritheia has been known the last years apart from its historical value, and for its great food.

Photos from Cave in Loutses

Once you request it your driver Spiros will drive you back to your cruiseship. Your private tour comes almost to its end. On your way back to the port you will be driven by your mini bus, along the northeast coast part of Corfu island,  through the beautiful Kassiopi village, Kouloura and the famous coast of Kalami.

Kalami and white house

Kouloura is the perfect spot for photo shooting the coastline of the neighbouring country of Albania and the mainland of Greece, Ipeiros and Kalami is a horseshoe-shaped bay, with a rare beauty of the Greek uniqueness of nature. Kalami is well known as the place where the Nobel Prize nominated author, Lawrence Durrell, once lived in the White House, and wrote excellent novels as “Prospero’s Cell”. The White House is still preserved at the end of Kalami bay from the beginning of the 20th century.

If there is enough time left you can also enjoy the crystal blue waters of Kalami beach, if not you can relax into your mini bus, admire the scenery until we reach back to the place where your private mini bus tour had begun, the port or any other place.