plakaPlaka is the oldest area in Athens; it’s located between the acropolis and the Temple of Zeus. Its short and cozy streets with a lot of souvenir shops and restaurants attract a great number of tourists.


Plaka is the most picturesque area in Athens, where you don’t feel that you are in the city with population of about 4 million people. Anafiotika, which is famous for its snow-white houses, is a special place here. The legend says that Delphian oracle forbad building houses there, but two homeless builders, that were looking for shelter in Plaka, due to their mastery managed to build a small house for the night. When in the morning guardsmen came, they felt sorry for the builders and decided not to banish them. Since then a rule was laid down: if you managed to build a shelter for a night, you may stay there. The area is also called Thission, named after the ancient temple in the Agora that is actually a temple to Haephastus. The whole neighborhood which used to be full of the furnaces of the metal workers would have been more aptly named for Haephastus who was the God of fire and the patron of all craftsmen. Instead it has existed for centuries named after Theseus who had gone to Crete to kill the minataur. Thission used to be a place where few people went, especially tourists.