epidavrosThe Small Theater of Epidavros, only discovered in 1971, is located at the Acropolis of the old town and at its southwest side, with a capacity of 2000 seats. One of the most significant monumental sightseeing of the area is the Seven Arched Mycenaean Tombs found at the foothill of Mountain Katarachi.


The traveler following the street crossing the upper side of the village and at the area called “Nera” can have a close look of the tombs. Ancient Theater of Epidavros is found built at the end of the 4th B.C. century at the slopes of Mountain Kinortio, with a capacity of 13.000 seats, which is well known for its architectural and acoustics perfection. At the village of Ano Epidavros the church of Agia Marina is found build on the ruins of an older church probably of the 7th – 10th century. At the centre of the village the church of Agios Nikolaos is found, the patron saint of the city of Ancient Epidavros, built on the ruins of the temple of God Hera. Between the villages Athami and Koliaki and 22 km far from Epidavros we come across the Abbey of Panagia of Kalamiou, constructed at the beginning of the 17th century and built at an area with a lovely view. At “Kalimnios” Beach and not in a very big depth in the water remains of the old city can easily be seen, either being on a boat or swimming; a lot of the sunken buildings are visible, while in other parts of the port the ancient jetty is very well preserved.