It is an imposing house benefiting from 10.000 sq. mt. of private and beautifully maintained gardens. villa for rent in CorfuWith such appealing and spacious gardens it is likely that most of your time will be spent outdoors.


he fabulous new swimming pool is nestled nicely at the edge of the orchard and can easily be supervised from both the house and most of the terraces. Nearby, the large in built barbecue is positioned close to the kitchen making it feasible to enjoy meals al-fresco in all weathers. The house was created as a winter or summer holiday home. Its concept provides some privacy to all guests when they need it. The historic center of Corfu Town at less of 2 kmCorfu Villa of distance is now under the Unesco’s protection as part of the World Cultural Patrimony. This vicinity is the asset of the house at all seasons and makes it interesting to spend some time in Corfu even out of the main holiday season. Historic cafes, all time classic restaurants, some trendy clubs and lounge bars, delicious strolls among neoclassic and baroque public houses, master houses, beautiful Churches and public gardens, Corfu always charms a visitor who wants more than a nice house with a pool.